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The most reliable and cost effective way to secure your compound or storage yard

Compound Security - CCTV not always the answer

CCTV Not Always The Answer

Compounds and storage yards are often a major problem for businesses to secure reliably and efficiently.

CCTV is certainly not the most effective security and monitoring  and can be extremely expensive to install and maintain and is quite often ineffective in deterring criminals.

Time and time again we hear of criminal damage and thefts from compounds, storage yards and outbuildings where sophisticated CCTV systems have done nothing but provide useless video footage of criminals making away with valuables.

If the system is monitored by a station, they often pass on an alert to a response company who may attend the site some minutes, if not hours after the break in.

Self Monitoring Makes Perfect Sense

Owners of smaller businesses in particular quite often live close to their business or at least would be able to attend the site much quicker than a security company.

They are also much more aware of high risk periods and familiarity of the site layout, key-holders and other security devices which may be used.

Owners are much more likely to be able to witness details of criminals and their vehicles to assist in any Police investigation and result in convictions.

Owners also have power in numbers as multiple members of staff can be alerted.

Caravan storage security, vehicle compounds, storage yards.

Plan your own self monitored wireless security system.

Reliable Detection

CCTV cameras use two main methods of detection, PIR sensor and motion-in-picture detection.

Whilst both these detection methods would work fine indoors, they are extremely prone to false alarms in an outdoor environment.

PIRs are basically a 'heat change' sensor and will trigger when seeing small animals, vegetation moving in the wind and harsh weather conditions.

Motion-in-picture is just that, thus movement of benign objects will trigger an alert.

The only reliable outdoor detection method is an infrared point-to-point beam.
Small animals pass underneath and the beam is unaffected by peripheral movement and adverse weather.

Only something solid like a person or vehicle will cause an alert

Parabeam Infrared Beam Easily Concealed

Another huge advantage of using a wireless infrared beam is that they can be installed in places where detection can be achieved well before an intruder reaches valuables or buildings.

Studying the plan of the site will aid in the positioning of the security beams to cover access points and vulnerable perimeters.

Installing wireless beams as far out from valuables and buildings to be protected, will give maximum advanced alert and the ability to power deterrents such as security strobes or sirens to warn the intruder they have been detected before they do any damage.

Beam enclosures are much easier to conceal than cameras and PIR sensors as they are installed at hip height and can easily be installed so intruders would not be able to see them on entering the site.

The 50 meter span of the security beam allows even more concealment as well as being able to cover a large open area or perimeter.


      Parabeam wireless infrared beams are extremely reliable and easily concealed.

6 Zone Long Range Base Receiver

Add additional wireless receivers | Use extra receivers to activate sirens, strobes etc. or switch flood lights.

Parabeam Solar Recharging Infrared Beam


Parabeam Additional Security Beam. Add up to a total of 6 beams to the Parabeam Base Receiver.

Parabeam Modular System

Thanks to the Parabeam modular design, it is possible to build a cost effective self monitoring security system that works exactly how you see your requirements.

Starting from a basic single beam and 6 zone base receiver (600-S) you can expand it to suite your needs by adding:

  • Multiple Beams
  • Multiple Receivers
  • Remotely Controlled GSM Text Alert
  • GSM Security Camera - MMS images direct to your mobile phone / email, text alert, phone call alert
  • Security Strobes
  • Sirens
  • Switch Flood Lights

The possibilities are practically endless.

EYE-02 GSM Security Camera

EYE-02 GSM Camera needs no internet or landline. Receive alerts via text, MMS, email, phone call

GD-04 GSM Text Message Module

            Still receive alerts when away from your property. Turn on and off by phone call or text message. Unit will send text alert to up to eight mobile phone numbers

Pocket Receiver & Mains Adapter, Strobes, Sirens

Add multiple sirens, strobes, pocket receivers. mini strobe/sirens.

No Mains Power? - No Problem

Because the Parabeam Base Receiver works on 12Volts it can be powered by a 12Volt Battery which can also power the GSM Text Message Module, Sirens and Security Strobes.

Ideal for remote outbuildings such as stables, barns, storage sheds and remote compounds and yards.

 The World's Number 1 Driveway & Perimeter Alarm Systems

Parabeam driveway alarms / perimeter alarms / driveway alert systems have many applications for rural security, alarms for farms, farm gate security, compound security, equine security, properties with long driveways, compound security, vulnerable perimeters, orchard security, security for nurseries, car yards, golf courses, sports fields etc.
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Some Customer Comments

"We've had one of your Parabeam perimeter alarm systems now for about 18 months. At first we were skeptical regarding the reliability of the solar recharging side of things due to our dark winter weather.
I am glad to say it's been absolutely bullet proof since first installation.
We will be adding another 2 infrared beams and the text message option in the near future."

"Although we live in town we could never hear people pulling into the drive or knocking on the door,…. Now, thanks to the Parabeam infrared security beam, we never miss a visitor."

"We installed a Parabeam on the farm after fuel and tools kept going missing…….. since we installed the Parabeam system, we now know as soon as someone steps on our property.
Thanks for the quick delivery."

"Just to say many thanks, my Son installed the security beam last week and it works every time. It's like having a guard on duty at the gate permanently, I feel much safer now."

"Thank the Lord I found you guys! After wasting my hard earned cash on two other cheap gate alarms I've finally found one that does what it says it will do. The range is no problem and it doesn't keep false alarming like the others. Shame I didn't buy yours first but that's another lesson learned. I'll recommend you to all my friends."

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