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Detect intruders BEFORE they reach your property

Parabeam Driveway / Perimeter Alert Systems, Gate Alarms, - Ideal for lifestyle blocks, farms, orchards, business, residential properties.
Parabeam - Your first line of defence

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Beam Set Questions   General Security Questions  

Q: What is a point-to-point beam?
A: The security beam comprises an infrared beam emitter at one end of the beam and a beam receiver / transmitter at the other. The invisible infrared beam travels from the emitter to the receiver / transmitter.

Q: If the security beam is solar powered, how does it work at night?
The beam emitter and transmitter are each powered by a long life nickel-metal hydride battery pack which is constantly recharged by the attached solar panel during the day.

Q: Can the batteries run low of power?
It's very unlikely the batteries could run low of power. Even with the solar panels disconnected the batteries would have sufficient power to work for approximately 2 weeks.

Q: Can the security beam be seen?
No, the infrared security beam is totally invisible.

Q: Is Parabeam better than a normal wired house alarm?
In many cases it is better because you are able to detect an intruder BEFORE they reach your property allowing you time to react to the alert.
If a normal house alarm is triggered during the night that means the intruder is already in the house! Obviously this would be a very scary situation.

Q: Can a Parabeam system help in a home invasion scenario?
Absolutely. Because you get an early warning it gives you valuable time to be able sight an intruder and if necessary, contact the Police or activate a deterrent device.

Q: Can Parabeam be used for perimeter security?
Yes, the wireless infrared beam stretches up to 50 meters and with 3 to 6 beams you can achieve full perimeter protection.

Q: If I move could I take the Parabeam with me?
Yes, the beam set is as easy to remove as it is to install and once you've put it in it's new position it will be working just the same.


Base Receiver Questions   Text Message Module Questions  

Q: What does the receiver alert sound like?
When an alert is received, the receiver gives a sequence of beeps. The beeper tone is adjustable using the rocker switch on the receiver front panel. A choice of high volume / pitch and low volume / low pitch allows the perfect alert level required in any room.

Q: How many security beams can be added to the main receiver?
A total of four beams can be coded to the receiver.

Q: How can you tell which beam is transmitting an alert?
Each zone has it's own sequence of alert beeps. For example, zone 1 has one long beep followed by one short beep. This sequence is then repeated one more time. Zone 2 has one long beep followed by 2 short beeps and so on...


Q: How does the text module communicate with the main receiver?
The module comes ready to simply plug into the base receiver and is powered by the receiver, no need for additional power supply.

Q: What will the text alert say?
Each text message can be customized to suite specific applications. For example an alert from zone 1 could read as 'driveway' and zone 2 could read 'stables'.

Q: Can I add a text message module at a later stage?
Yes, the module can be configure before sending to you and then it's as simple as inserting the SIM card, plugging it into the main receiver and it's up and running.