Parabeam Driveway alert, alarm systems, gate alarm. Perimeter Alert. Long range detection systems.



Detect intruders BEFORE they reach your property

Parabeam Driveway / Perimeter Alert Systems, Gate Alarms, - Ideal for lifestyle blocks, farms, orchards, business, residential properties.
Parabeam - Your first line of defence

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Parabeam Driveway Alert / Perimeter Alarm products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. Products for both rural and residential customers are supported by the strongest 3 year warranty and technical backup of any competing products. You will experience many years of trouble-free operation from your Parabeam security system if it is installed and used as intended.

How easy is it to install the Parabeam 700-fsk?

The answer is....... extremely easy DIY install! Just eight simple steps
We would also advise to read through the full manual before installing to further familiarise yourself with the complete system. 

Tools required:

Screwdriver - #2 Philips (cross headed) - to remove / replace the enclosure front covers.
Screwdriver - Small flat electrical - to connect the solar panel wires.
Cable Strippers or Side Cutters - to strip the outer solar panel cable and bear the inner wires.
8mm Socket + Ratchet + Extension - to fit enclosure swivel brackets and attach enclosures to mounting.

  Step 1


  Step 2


  Step 3


  Step 4


  Step 5


  Step 6


  Step 7


  Step 8


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